Cute Baby Tiger

Baby Tiger Photo

Cute Baby Tiger being Held.  Baby Animal photo Tiger with her Tongue Out.  

Baby Orangutan and Tiger Cubs Friends


This is not a common pairing.  Two Orangutans with Tiger Cubs napping.  Certainly a Cute Photo of Baby Animals together.

Mommy Tiger Cleaning her Cub (Baby Tiger)


Tiger Cleaning her Cub.   So Precious. Quick Facts *Tigers Offspring (babies) are called Cubs. This big cat can weigh   Read More »

Playful Tiger Cub Photos


Beautiful images of Young tiger cubs. Photos from Tambako the Jaguar

Sumatran Tiger Cubs Photo

Photo from the LA Zoo

Directly from the LA Zoo, two baby Sumatran Tiger Cubs.   So adorable, it can melt your heart.

Anjana The Chimp with Tiger Cubs

Adorable Chip with Tiger cubs

Anjana the Chimpanzee  has been helping zoo keeper China York look after 23-day-old cubs Mitra and Shiva. Be sure to   Read More »

Baby Tiger Pounce

Photo by law_keven