4 Month Old Baby Orangutan.

Baby orangutan

Four-month-old orangutan Rizki is seen  at the Surabaya Zoo in Surabaya, Indonesia, on Oct. 10. Interesting Orangutan facts:  Orangutans are   Read More »

Baby Orangutan and Tiger Cubs Friends


This is not a common pairing.  Two Orangutans with Tiger Cubs napping.  Certainly a Cute Photo of Baby Animals together.   Read More »

Baby orangutan with mother

baby orangatan

Cute photo of a mother and baby orangutan.   I love this! More Cute Baby Animals:Vampires!!Baby Sting Ray

Baby Orangutan just Hanging around


Cute, playful little oragutan swinging and hanging around! More Cute Baby Animals:Puppy Can’t Get up… or can heBaby Elephant

Baby and Mother Orangutan


Great picture of Baby and Mother Orangutan. More Cute Baby Animals:Baby MaraCute Baby Giraffe Picture with Bottle

baby orangutan Have you seen an infant this cute


I think not! Look at his adorable little feet grasp onto the crib. Don’t you just want to squeeze the   Read More »