Baby Koala in a Tea Cup Baby Animal Picture

Baby Koala in a Teacup.  Teacup.

Here we have an adorable Baby Animal.  He’s a Koala in a teacup. More Cute Baby Animals:Baby DeerBaby Porcupine Photo

Baby Koala being held by a zookeeper


Fact for the day:  Koala’s are marsupials, and are often incorrectly called koala bears.  They are not related to the bear family. English-speaking   Read More »

Baby Koala’s are really Cute Photos


Quick Fact of the Day.  Many people think that Koalas are bears, but they are really Marsupials. Their closest living relatives   Read More »

Baby Koala and Mother at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo


Midgee, a female koala at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, carries her 1-month-male cub on her back. Photos By: Gus Chan,   Read More »

Baby Koala (Joey)


Fun Fact of the day.  Did you know that Koalas have fingerpirnts similar to humans? More Cute Baby Animals:Baby Sting   Read More »

Baby Koala


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