Baby Hippo Picture

Baby Hippo Using Mind Control

Most baby animals are proficient in the use of mind control. Whenever you pick up a baby animal, you are   Read More »

Baby Vampire Bat Picture


Contrary to popular belief, vampires are not mystical humans from Transylvania. In fact they are baby animals often disguising themselves   Read More »

Super Cute Kitten with Hamster

Super Cute Kitten Picture with Hamster

  We love baby animals, and Kittens can  be super cute.   He’s got bed head, and an adorable hamster   Read More »

lolla the Cutest Puppy Picture

lolla cutest puppy and great photo

  One of the Cutest Puppy Pictures in the World Lolla, is adorable.

Baby Possum photo

Baby Multiplication

When baby animals attack they often destroy their enemies within .2 milliseconds of the initial confrontation. But once in a   Read More »

Cute puppy with a bone

Cute Puppy Sleeping with a Bone

  Cute Puppy Sleeping holding a Bone Photo

Cute Baby Sea Turtle Photos

Cute Baby Sea Turtle Photos

  Look at this Adorable Sea Turtle Photo.  Aww, what a cute little fella.  

White Kangaroo

Red Eyes of Destruction

There are many things one should avoid in life. Speeding trains, drugs, paying taxes… but bleach white baby animals with   Read More »

Marmoset Monkey Pictures

Baby Marmosets Monkeys being babysat by a Tamarin

Tom, a male golden lion tamarin at Colchester Zoo has taken the liberty of babysitting two marmoset monkeys in his   Read More »

Blob Fish

The Blob Fish Project

Animals are secretly working on the “Blob Fish Project”  This human like creature has been genetically altered  to mimic humans.    Read More »