Baby Dolphin

Baby Dolphin Picture with Family

Baby Dolphin, jumping with mom and dad. Beautiful Baby Dolphin jumping out of the water with her parents. Baby Animals

Cute Puppy

Puppy using his mind to scan your sim card

  Sometimes baby animals will use our primitive technologies against us.  To the untrained eye, this looks like an adorable puppy   Read More »

Super Cute Puppy Video

Puppy Can’t Get up… or can he

Super Cute Puppy Video.  Puppy trying to get up.. Adorable.

Easter Bunny

Happy Easter Some of the Most Adorable Easter Bunnies

Well, most of these are Bunnies, but this wannabe Bunny hamster  was just too cute not to include. photo by   Read More »

Funny Kitten Video

Surprised Kitten Funny Video

Very Cute Video of a Surprised Kitten.

Aww baby kitten

Aww Kitten

An adorable Kitten

Baby Seal Picture

Baby Seal Picture Harp Seal

Adorable Baby Seal Picture.   Here we have a Baby Harp Seal.  Harp Seals are super cute and are born   Read More »

Baby Kitten

Baby Kitten

Don’t be fooled by this adorable kitten.  She is waiting to pounce on you at any given moment.  Sure she   Read More »

Cat in Clothes

Baby Animals in Disguise

Often times Baby Animals will dress like common humans to gather vital information about our species. As you can see   Read More »

Baby Spider Monkey

Cute Baby Spider Monkey Picture

Photo Credit JAMES D. MORGAN/REX / REX USA Meet Estela, an adorable spider monkey.  She is hugging her best stuffed friend at   Read More »