Japanese Macaque monkeys

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The Inventors of the Chicken Dance

Baby animalz are fascinated by our gullible nature, and they love to play “practical jokes.”  Contrary to popular belief,  the chicken   Read More »


Conan O’Brien gets interviewed by a Baby Squirrel

  Response to Conan’s Twitter “Today I interviewed a squirrel in my backyard and then threw to commercial. Somebody help   Read More »


Baby Penguin Happy Feet

The movie Happy Feet, is all I can think of when I gaze at this stunning photo.  The little cutie   Read More »


Two Ducklings and a Baby Kitten

It is no secret that most domesticated kittens do not like to swim.  These two duckling “lifeguards” are using a proven   Read More »


Baby Possum

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Endangered Baby Addax

The addax is a large antelope and is critically endangered due to over hunting.  There are only a few hundred   Read More »


Orphan Baby Sloth

Here is an orphan baby sloth receiving care with the help of  www.slothrescue.org More Cute Baby Animals:Baby Deer SavedBaby Langur Monkey


Laughing Kitten

Fred,  The Laughing Kitten:  You Farted…laughing hysterically George (kitten on the left):  It’s not funny.  Stop Laughing Fred…MOM!! Freds Laughing at   Read More »


Baby Dolphin

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