Twin Baby Pandas

 Adorable Pandas Born in China Photo Credits Getty Images Photo Credits Getty Images

Squirrel Space Training Program

These little grey squirrels look like they are suiting up for a space training program, but really they are just having a   Read More »

Hidden Messages in Photos

It is a little know fact that when you take a picture of animals, they submit hidden messages into the   Read More »

Baby Axolotl Salamander Evolves

Baby Axolotl Salamander Evolves.  They start out looking plain and NOT cute: Then they start to get some color and   Read More »

Video Sweet Millions Lottery Commercial featuring our furry friends

These are perhaps the cutest baby animal commercials on the planet. Baby Bunnies at a theme park: Sleepy Time Commercial:

Baby Bunny Online and Underground

 The average human thinks that bunnies use dirt, straw and grass to make their dwellings, but Bunnies live just like us; only   Read More »

Baby Gibbons

Minnesota Zoo Baby Gibbon This little guy is so cute.   His face almost looks like it is formed out of   Read More »

Killer Puppy on the Loose

For Immediate Release More Proof of Baby Animal World Domination has surfaced on Here at we have posted   Read More »

Secret Baby Animal Battle Armor

  Baby animalz, using their superior technology,  have unleashed a new Battle Armor. This soda pop bottle puppy looks harmless, but BEWARE, he   Read More »