Pocket sized monkeys

I love Pocket Size Monkeys

We’re either absurdly small or this guy turned into the HULK What cha lookin at? Note: Above is a Mouse   Read More »

Puppy Monitor Cleaning Service

Hire me when your screen needs a bath! More Cute Baby Animals:Frogs in Combat TrainingWho wants to snuggle with a   Read More »


Baby Gibbon Infant with toy camel

Acording to daily mail, this  baby gibbon has created a strong bond with her stuffed animal.   She cries like a human   Read More »


Simply The Cutest Desert Rodent Pygmy Jerboa

  Perhaps the cutest rodent I have ever seen. Be sure to watch the video. It looks fake, but I   Read More »

Videos Baby animals with hiccups

Hiccups are so annoying, but when animalz get them; it’s adorable: More Cute Baby Animals:Baby Giraffe Such a CutieI heart   Read More »


The Duck Line Dance

 Get it together Merve.  You’re making us look bad.  From the Top.. 1 and a 2 and a 3 More   Read More »


Some of my favorite Missing Pet Signs

No questions asked?  Well I have one.  How do you lose a Tortoise?. Let me guess, his name is Speedy. That   Read More »


Hairless Kittens

Remember Mr. Bigglesworth from the Austin Powers Movies?    I wasn’t a fan of hairless cats until I saw the Hairless Kittens: More   Read More »


Hippos Baby hippopotamus

The cutest baby hippo pictures and an adorable baby hippo video The Cutest Baby Hippo Ever! – Click here for   Read More »


I hope you don’t see an elephant when you stand on this:

Here we have a very odd product on the market.  This scale does not weigh you in pounds or kilos,   Read More »