Silly Joke: Baby Calf

Two cows are in a field.   First Cow: “Do you worry about getting Mad Cow Disease?”   Second Cow:   Read More »


Cup of Baby Ferrets

More Cute Baby Animals:The Blob Fish ProjectBaby Puppy.. Stunning


Puppy Face

More Cute Baby Animals:Two Baby GorillasBaby Marmosets Monkeys being babysat by a Tamarin


Baby Rhino

More Cute Baby Animals:Baby Animal Photo Gallery 5Baby Lump Fish are cute. Adult lump fish not so m…


More Missing Pet Signs

A couple days ago I posted my favorite missing pet signs: Well, I found a couple more: More Cute   Read More »


Baby Animals Playing Instruments

  Piano Puppy: The Amazing Keyboard Cat: More Cute Baby Animals:Adorable Ducklings in a Sink?Baby Vervet Monkey


More Peanuts Please

I’m exhausted, but give me another anyway. More Cute Baby Animals:Baby Langur MonkeyBaby Kangaroo in A Fleece Blanket


Gollum as a Baby (not all baby animals are cute)

New images of a Baby Gollum have surfaced: Unfortuantely he didn’t get any cuter:  Gollum Today: More Cute Baby Animals:Baby   Read More »


We mean you no harm. Just give us all of your clothes and no one gets hurt.

Here we have a tribe of monkeys ambushing some tourists for clothing.  Rumor has it that these monkeys are donating   Read More »


As Seen on TV The Amazing Baby Owl Feather Duster

Can’t reach your ceiling fan to dust it?  No problem with the amazing owl feather duster.   He Flies! Just point   Read More »