So cute… Baby Seal

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Baby Cockatiel in a box

  You’re taking our pictures now?   This is embarrassing.   We’re still half naked. by oldcockatoo More Cute Baby Animals:Psyche! –   Read More »

NEW Amazing Bunny Envelope Opener

Cute Bunny Envelope Opener Although this bunny is no longer a baby, I found it adorable.  I want one. More   Read More »


Baby Bactrian Camel

A male Bactrian camel was born at the Zoo on March 11, 2010 weighing 98 pounds. Eli, the calf of   Read More »


Baby Raccoon with Mom

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Pigmy Baby Falcon

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Martial Arts Combat Training

In this photo we have two brown bears practicing mixed ”baby animal” arts.  A far superior fighting style that is still a   Read More »


baby orangutan Have you seen an infant this cute

I think not! Look at his adorable little feet grasp onto the crib. Don’t you just want to squeeze the   Read More »

Baby Owl

Baby Scops Owl

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Baby Bison

Hey Kids! What did mama buffalo say when her youngest went off to college? “Bison.” More Cute Baby Animals:Baby orangutan   Read More »