Super Baby Bunny

This little guy showed up on my porch today.  He is so sweet and cute.   I estimate he is about 2   Read More »

Puppies – Cruzin has never been so cute

I would appreciate this at my dentists office.

Video Surprise Kitten Pen Attack and Kittens

This kitten in on a recon mission to pilfer as many pens as he possibly can; because it’s fun. photo by   Read More »

1 out of 5 kittens are plotting your demise

see more Lolcats and funny pictures 1 out of 5 kittens are thinking of ways to destroy you without being   Read More »

Baby Meerkat

1 Month Old Baby Meerkat.   Photo by Tambako the Jaguar

Baby Anteater

Adorable Baby Anteater.   Photo by kaitlyn rose


8 Week Old Baby Wombat

Baby Wombat by Percita

Baby Fossas Video

Baby Fossas Photo from Newquay Zoo

Baby Tiger Pounce

Photo by law_keven

Larry the Snail

Photo by oskay A man hears a faint knock at the door while watching tv.   He opens the door and doesn’t   Read More »