Baby Polar Foxes

This is great picture of two polar foxes.    A baby fox is usually called a kit or pup.  Sometimes they   Read More »

Baby Donkey and Mother

Here we have a young Donkey.  Typically a baby donkey is called a foal for both male and female.

Adorable Baby Fox Picture

Adorable Baby Fox fox Picture

Cute Picture of a Baby Fennec fox by floridapfe


seven day old stump-tailed or bear macaque

Seven Day Old Stump Tailed or Bear Macaque Monkey. This is such a great caputre of a baby infant.  Photo   Read More »

Adorable Chip with Tiger cubs

Anjana The Chimp with Tiger Cubs

Anjana the Chimpanzee  has been helping zoo keeper China York look after 23-day-old cubs Mitra and Shiva. Be sure to   Read More »

5 Nursing Puppies

  Here we have five puppies nursing on a hand…. wait that can’t be right.

A Humboldt penguin chick hatched at Woodland Park Zoo

A Humboldt penguin chick hatched on April 1st 2010 at the Woodland Park Zoo. This chick is the first offspring   Read More »

38 Cute Animals, 1 Cool Screen, 8 Different Uses Cute Samsung Ad

Cute Animal Advertisement for the Samsung. Everyone loves cute animals, and this clip has got them all: kittens? Check. Puppies?   Read More »

Happy Easter!

Wishing you and your family a fantastic Easter. Free Twitter Backgrounds

Two Baby Elephants Mud Wrestling

Two Baby Elephants having fun in the mud! by Andrew Pescod