Baby Harp Seal

Adorable picture of a baby harp seal..

Baby Koala and Mother at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Midgee, a female koala at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, carries her 1-month-male cub on her back. Photos By: Gus Chan,   Read More »

Baby Chinchilla Pictures

Adorable Baby Chinchilla Photos.

Baby Leaf Monkey

Tantan, a one-month-old male Francois’ Leaf Monkey, is being held by his parents at the Zoorasia zoological gardens in Yokohama, near Tokyo,   Read More »

Smallest Horse

Worlds Smallest Horse

Worlds Smallest Horse Baby Weighing just 6 pounds and measuring 14 inches high, Einstein may just make it in Guinness Book of   Read More »

Little Orphan Squirrel Monkey

Orphaned squirrel monkey Loki clings to his toy duck at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia.    Loki, has been hand raised   Read More »

Baby Bar Headed Goose with Mother

1 Day Old Bar Headed Goose Chick Walks with her mother. Photo Credit:  (AP Photo/Keystone, Dominic Favre)

Two Baby Teacup Piglets

Two Cute Baby Teacup Pigs with a cat.   Unfortunately, the cat doesn’t seem to like his new playmates.

Baby Cotton Top Monkey Baby

Baby Cotton-Top Tamarin monkeys at the National Zoo and Aquarium in Canberra, Australia Picture: REX FEATURES

Baby Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Picture of a Baby Loggerhead Sea Turtle.