Interesting Bird Hitching a Ride

Apparently, smaller birds know how to fly in style. As always, feel free to leave comments. (Family Friendly of Course)

Hunter Shot by Fox with his own Gun

You know, I’ve been warning you about babyanimalz for some time now.  They are much more cunning than you think.   Read More »

220 Pound Newborn Elephant

  Tipping the scales at nearly 220 pounds, Uli, was born at 3 a.m. Sunday at the Wuppertal Zoo in   Read More »

San Diego Zoo Welcomes new Satanic Gecko

Not everything we feature on Babyanimalz is “cute” but this one caught my attention. San Diego Zoo welcomed their first   Read More »

Baby Animal Gallery


Babyanimalz presents Freshstep

Do you have an outrageously cute cat?  A cat that is Star worthy?  A silly, smart or vocal cat?   Well, if   Read More »

10 Day Old Baby Dolphin

This little dolphin is about 10 days, and was found by tourists on November 5, 2010.  It had some signs of   Read More »

Meet the Firefox Cubs

So you want to see some Firefoxes?  Well, you’ll have to make do with the Firefox Red Pandas.   Mozilla (   Read More »

Cute Baby Lemur

Perhaps the cutest baby Lemur on the Planet.  Here we have a tiny little primate holding on to his Teddy   Read More »