Adoarable Baby Anteater

Vanderlei Almeida, AFP / Getty Images Here we have a Baby Anteater, being carried by her mother at a  zoo   Read More »


Kittens inspired by kittens

Poor Kitten. Here is a really cute video of a Girl telling a story about kittens.

Baby Hedgehog

Baby HedgeHog Photo

One super cute HedgeHog saying hello

Baby Penguin

Two Week old Baby Penguin

This is a two-week-old penguin next to a stuffed animal, in an incubator at the Cincinnati Zoo. The cute  little chick weighs   Read More »

Giraffe Picture licking squirrel

Cute Photo of a Giraffe licking a squirrel

Awww.. Such a sweet Giraffe!

Swinging Baby Gibbon

Photo Credit: Norbert Potensky, Vienna Zoo, Reuters Quick fact of the day.    Gibbons are Apes.   Most monkey species have tails, but   Read More »

Baby Pig Finger Paint

These little piglets Apperently just finished their Finger Painting Class.  


Credit:  Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium Some fun facts about Warthogs: They are called wart hogs because of bumps on   Read More »

Stuart Little?

Here is a very cute mouse snggled with his teddy bear. Does it remind you of Stuart Little? Mice are   Read More »

Easter Edition Baby Bunnies and some Chicks

In honor of Easter, here are a couple of photos of baby bunnies and some Cute Chicks. Here we have   Read More »