Baby Giraffe (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Cute Baby Giraffe Picture with Bottle

Adorable photo of a Baby Giraffe Quick Facts about Giraffes The average gestation period (time in womb) for giraffe is   Read More »

baby orangatan

Baby orangutan with mother

Cute photo of a mother and baby orangutan.   I love this!


golden-crowned flying fox Bat

This is one of the largest bat’s in the world and currently resides in the Philippines.  Their wingspan can reach   Read More »

Photo  by ©2011-2012 *SnowPoring

Baby Mara

I took my children to a local fair and they had a petting zoo.  I met some great people who   Read More »


Cuddly Kittens

This photo makes me want to call my mother.  Who doesn’t love cuddly kittens.   Hugs from mom are not   Read More »


Baby Animal Friends

Here are 3 cute photos of animal friends.     Animals Are Awesome!


Chinese Crested Hairless Puppy — Cute or Homely?

This is perhaps the most bizarre looking puppy I have ever seen.  It is known as the Chinese Crested Hairless Dog. Here   Read More »


17 day old Cheetah Cub

Above is a 17 day old Cheetah cub.   Below are two adorable 16 day old Cheetah Cubs. Adorable Baby   Read More »

Baby Rhinoceros and his Mother

Absolutely adorable Baby Rhino

This is just a fantastic photo capture of a Mother and Baby Rhinoceros! Too Cute for Words! Please share our site   Read More »


Baby Giraffe Such a Cutie

I’m a baby Giraffe.   Love me!