Dog and Deer Friends for Life

Heart Warming Story about a Dog and a Deer

In 2003, police in Warwickshire, England, opened a garden shed and found a scared and malnourished dog. It had been locked in   Read More »


Baby Porcupine Photo

Ever seen a Baby Porcupine?  I haven’t so I figured I would post one on Baby Animals. Porcupines, believe it or not,   Read More »


Baby Opossum

Quick Opossum Facts. Opossums are marsupial mammals found in North America.  The female carries and nurses her young in her pouch until   Read More »

Baby Raccoon Picture

Cute little Baby Raccoon Picture

Here we have a Baby Raccoon. A Couple of Fun Raccoon Facts. Raccoons are nocturnal, mammals that live throughout much   Read More »


Baby Orangutan and Tiger Cubs Friends

This is not a common pairing.  Two Orangutans with Tiger Cubs napping.  Certainly a Cute Photo of Baby Animals together.


Cute Chick and Kitten

How can you not love this photo of a cute chick and little kitten?  Answer, you can’t. This unlikely duo   Read More »


Seal hugging a Baby Penguin

Here are an unlikely Pair.  Just adorable.  We have a Seal, hugging a Penguin. Seals and Penguins do not usually   Read More »

Baby Polar Bear Picture

Baby Polar Bears

Quick Fact: Females Polar Bears usually bear two cubs. Cubs stay with their moms for up to 2-1/2 years.  During   Read More »

Baby Giraffe Picture being snuggled by his parents

Baby Giraffe and His Parents

This is such a wonderful Capture.  A baby Giraffe Picture taken with his parents. We love Baby Animals.  Quick Giraffe   Read More »

Baby Lemur and Mother Photo

Baby Lemur and his Mother

Do you Like to Move it move it? Here is a photo of a Baby Lemur on his Mothers Back.   Read More »