For so long as there have been beautiful

there have been haters

These “Hater’s” thoughts
are hopelessly laden with covetous thoughts.

They will never
experience the sheer ecstasy of having ‘known’ a Baby Animal.

They will never
understand “The Great Mystery”.

They will never find true
happiness because they are forever wrought in the shadow of

But I digress…

Since this site’s
conception we have received much well-warranted praise…

“… this site has
changed my life..”

“… you are an amazing

“…how are you so
incredibly good looking?…”

“…father my

I could go on…

I wish everyone in the
world understood the importance of our


…I unfortunately cannot
make that claim.

Due to the actions of a
few tiresome individuals…

…every so often
BabyAnimalz.com is forced to defend herself…

…and defend herself she

A (The) Story

Upon A Time…

A Reply To

Dear Baby Animal
I would not normally respond to such riff-raff but your
ignorance has yet again forced my hand.
I would refer you to the ‘About
section for more information as to the purpose and
philosophy of BabyAnimalz.com.The history of baby animals must be heard.
If you can not see the importance of exploring “The
Great Mystery
” then I simply do not know what to
tell you. The ancient poetry, the audio database and the
photo gallery should be more than enough to persuade you
of the immediate relevance baby animals have in this
cruel world.I pray you find the strength within yourself to truly
appreciate what we are offering the human race.
Your humblest of scientists,
Ryan Sawyer (Webmaster and Babyanimaltologist)


PS: I couldn’t help but notice
that many of you are in desperate need of individual




Old Hater Guestbook Entry

Entry #: 388

Entry Date: 2006-05-24 01:05:37

Name: GIoanni
Site Rating: 10
Visitor Comments: This site sucks..
and the only things animals are good for is breakfast and dinner.
there’s only one animal i really like… %^$# who ever made this crap
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