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Anyone know for sure what this little guy is?

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Anyone know for sure what this little guy is?
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its a stoat

its a stoat

It's a stoat!

Like, I said. It's a stoat!

Damn, is he cute!

I believe it is a baby least weasel. Look it up on Wikipedia.


It is a baby sugar glider

If this photo was taken in Australia it was definitely a sugar glider (Aussie Animal)

It's a Long Tailed weasel:

It's a Long Tailed weasel: Mustela frenata.
So cute!

its an otter!

its an otter!

The short-tailed weasel


It's actually a short-tailed weasel. Although ferrets belong to the weasel family, the short-tailed weasel is about half the size of the ferret. Also, ferrets are considered to be endangered because there are less than 1500 left in the wild. The short-tailed weasel is much more common and not on the endangered species list.


I've seen this image before and it was labeled a weasel :) This is the cutest little guy!!! :D

Cute Animal


Weasle? Ferret? Feasle?CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think it is a weasle or a


i think it is a weasle or a ferret i think it is super cute

It's an Ermine


It's an ermine, in the polecat/weasel family

What is it?

Baby mongoose?


Baby mongoose?


Ermine, similar to ferret.

Looks like a mink

Looks like a mink

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