Favoritism is uncool. Motivational Poster


Baby Bird being fed at the expense of his brother. More Cute Baby Animals:Baby Polar Bear CubsBaby Ring Tailed Lemurs

Motivational Posters a Fed Up Penguin and Owl wisdom


Wisdom from an Owls perspective: And a fed up penguin: More Cute Baby Animals:Puppy in PuddleYoung Monkey or ET?

Proof that Mothers are Amazing


Dedicated to all the mothers out there!! More Cute Baby Animals:Diamond Back TurtleCup o Kittens

Did you LOL today?


Did you know that there is strong scientific evidence that laughing can actually make you live longer? ¬† So have   Read More »

Puppies – Cruzin has never been so cute


I would appreciate this at my dentists office. More Cute Baby Animals:Vampires!!4 Month Old Baby Orangutan.