Kitten Karaoke


Baby Animals love to get together and have house parties.  Here we have an amazing photo “captured by hidden cameras”   Read More »

Three Baby Hedgehogs


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Baby Piglet Wants Coffee


Baby Pigs Crave their morning coffee.  Since they have fantastic mind controlling powers (as do all adorable baby animalz) they   Read More »

Invisible Baby Duck

Invisible Baby Duck

It may be difficult to see the actual animal in this picture due to the amazing job he is doing of camouflaging himself but I assure you, he is there. When a baby

Spies Among Us


To unsuspecting humans, these look like innocent and curious raccoons.  But to the “educated”  Babyanimaltologists we see that they are gathering   Read More »

Baby Animalz about to Attack


Baby Animals are never startled. They know that you’re coming before you even know you’re coming. But once in a   Read More »

Baby Animalz Working together


While most of us would look at this picture and see two different types of baby animals, in reality all   Read More »

Baby Dragons

Baby Dragon

Surely the rarest of all baby animals and consequently – the most fascinating. All baby animals descend from the various   Read More »