Red Eyes of Destruction

White Kangaroo

There are many things one should avoid in life. Speeding trains, drugs, paying taxes… but bleach white baby animals with   Read More »

The Blob Fish Project

Blob Fish

Animals are secretly working on the “Blob Fish Project”  This human like creature has been genetically altered  to mimic humans.    Read More »

Psyche! – You’re Dead

Baby Fox in a Cast

  As you probably know, baby animals are the original masters of deception. One of their favorite pastimes is to   Read More »

“There Can Be Only One” Puppy vs Lion Cub

Puppy vs Lion Cub

Few know that the “Highlander” movies were actually written, directed and acted by Baby Animals. Apart from being better than   Read More »

79 Hot Chicks in a Cramped Room

Baby Chicks

The power of Baby Animals in undeniable. But when they get together in large numbers, entire planes of existence are   Read More »

Lynx Mother and Baby Prepare for War

Prepares for War

As the end of the human world draws ever nearer a baby and her mother must prepare for the devistation   Read More »

Does this sound familiar? I love you daddy. Can I have 5 bucks

I love you daddy, can I have 5 dollars?

  Merry Christmas Everyone.  I know I’m guilty of the Love you, can I have phrase.

Baby Ninja Turtle. Made me Laugh

Baby Ninja Turtle.

First, I’ve really wanted to have a turtle as a pet, but know that I am simply too busy to   Read More »

Kitten Likes Fish but not water

Here is a great photo of a curious kitten checking out his little friend.  Turns out, he doesn’t like water.

Vampires Bats

Contrary to popular belief, vampires are not mystical humans from Transylvania. In fact they are baby animals often disguising themselves   Read More »