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You might have seen many people keeping dogs and cats as their pets. What about keeping a tortoise as your pet? It will be a different experience full of fun if keeping them as a pet. If you love to do things differently then try for the tortoise as your pet this time.

Many types of tortoises are available like some are small and some are too large. So if you want you can have a small one if you don’t have enough area for the pet at home. But if you own a big house then you can easily keep a big one too. But the point to ponder is how big the tortoise be when it begins to grow. Therefore one must have enough knowledge and idea about it also.

Usually they have a very long life that is they live for about 200 years which is a very long time. So are you interested in keeping pets which live longer than you? The tortoise has no relation with anybody. It is a pet who loves to be all alone so if you get another one they may engage in fights.

As tortoise is different kind of a reptile so a different kind of care has to taken. You may consult a vet for this purpose as he can best tell you about its need and requirements.

How To Take Care Of Tortoise

Here are a few tips which will be helpful while taking care of the pet.

1. As they are different their food habits are also different. Their diet must be proper containing a balance of calcium and phosphorus.

2. Some of them are bigger in size so they require a large room where they are free and comfortable. They love to be outside the house so that they enjoy the climate.

3. Great care is to be taken as they cannot withstand extreme climate conditions so during winters or hot summers they must be kept inside.

4. If you wish to construct a pen for him then you must know about the specialty of the pet. As they are available in different species therefore all have different characteristics.

5. Some tortoises are very strong as they come out of their pen so build a strong fence to avoid any type of accidents. The area where they move must be clean as they are the most delicate species of animals.

So by reading this article you will certainly find the tortoise interesting and would love to keep it.

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