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As a cat owner, it is very important for you to choose the right box for your cat. Well, it is easy to find the box in all sizes, shapes and styles. This article will completely tell you about how to choose the right box for cats. Keep reading..

Three kinds of litter box:

a. Open litter box

This box is easy to get and easy to replace. You can make sure if your cat has urinating problem or not since you can monitor him clearly. The disadvantage of this box is, your cat doesn’t have enough privacy and the smell is offensive.

b. Hooded litter box

It gives much more privacy to cats. But, a larger cat will have problem using it.

c. Automated box

The idea of this stuff is, to clean the box automatically when the cat has used it. You need to spend a lot of your money if you want to buy this product.

How to clean open and hooded litter box:

Always give the best for your cat. Make sure you clean his box regularly so that your cat will feel more comfortable and happier. You can use bleach to clean the box. Never use perfumed based product since cats hate smell of perfume.

Where to put the box:

Make sure your cat can reach it easily. Don’t put unfamiliar, dangerous and noisy objects near the box. And, don’t put it where other pets can ambush your cat. It is recommended if each cat has one litter box.

If cats won’t use the box:

Medical problem and stress can affect a cat and make him urinate everywhere. Bringing him to the veterinarian is the best choice.

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