I heart baby Pandas

I don’t know what it is about Pandas.  They are just so stinking adorable.

Here is a newborn panda getting his first checkup.

Newborn panda

Now, newborn panda bears are not especially cute.   In fact, they almost remind me of the naked mole rat. Okay, maybe a naked mole rat is a bit more homely than a baby panda.

Baby Pandas

Once a Baby Pandas hair grows out, they become adorable.

Baby Panda in a Tree

Quick Random Facts about Giant Pandas:

There are not that many Giant pandas left in the wild.  In 2004 the estimates were around 1,600 living pandas.

Giant pandas are solitary and peaceful animals who will usually avoid confrontation.

They have very few natural predators.   Enemies include Jackels, Leapoards and  the yellow-throated marten (related to the weasel)


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