Hunter Shot by Fox with his own Gun

You know, I’ve been warning you about babyanimalz for some time now.  They are much more cunning than you think.

A hunter was shot by a fox in Belarus with his own gun.   This is a true story. 

According to Belarusian media, the hunter had wounded the fox (so he says) and attempted to “finish the animal off with the butt of the rifle.”   To his surprise, the fox had a completely different plan.    Instead of the hunter “finishing off the fox,”  the fox decided to fight back with fierceness and pulled the trigger of the hunter’s gun with its paw.

The hunter, is in the hospital and the fox,  is nowhere to be  found.   

Not the actual fox in the story, but here are a couple for your enjoyment.


3 Responses to Hunter Shot by Fox with his own Gun

  1. AlfonsoPaz says:

    WOW. This is truly an amazing site.
    The photos are delightful and this story… the story should be repeated from time to time. Maybe that’s the only language mankind can understand. Congrats and thanks for sharing. I’ll follow.

  2. Monkeylover26 says:


  3. unknown says:

    that is a little disturbing especially to a ten year old which i am i will never share my name foxes r sssooo cute :)

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