Vampires Bats

Contrary to popular belief, vampires are not mystical humans from Transylvania. In fact they are baby animals often disguising themselves as human. Many Baby Animals enjoy role playing and find the Vampire a particularly appealing character. Flying around, sucking blood, immortality – this is simply a list of “Baby Animal’s favorite things to do”! So the next time you’re kicking back watching Twilight or Underworld, remember that Vampires are really baby animals role playing.

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6 Responses to Vampires Bats

  1. wow!! Amazing!!! how you get them to give a pose for you :)

  2. Okey Oyna says:

    how you get them to give a pose for you

  3. I love vampire bats they are my favorite bat I love them I wish I could live with them its my animal I love them.

  4. bats scare me their ugly

  5. their ugly bitches

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