Super Baby Bunny

This little guy showed up on my porch today.  He is so sweet and cute.   I estimate he is about 2 weeks old or so.   Unfortunately, he is too young to be away from his mother and I cannot find his nest anywhere.  We put him in a well ventilated box with a warm water bottle wrapped in a clean towel and will be taking him to Paws. 

If this happens to you, please do not try to hand rear the bunny.  He has a better chance of survival with experienced wild life rehabilitation centers.  Chances are there is one near you.  So here is a good site to locate a wildlife rehabilitation center:

(This picture was taken by me (Ryan Sawyer) and may be placed on your website, used commercially, for teaching anything.  If you use this image, please consider linking back to

You may not claim that you took this picture.  Other than that, share the love!


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  1. zoe comer says:


  2. Kim Allison says:

    Thats not true you can take care of it yourself, thier are mini bottle at the feed store that you can get. I know only because I bottle feed my bunny, and now she’s 6 years old.!

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