Simply The Cutest Desert Rodent Pygmy Jerboa


Perhaps the cutest rodent I have ever seen.

Be sure to watch the video. It looks fake, but I assure you these are real animals.

30 Responses to Simply The Cutest Desert Rodent Pygmy Jerboa

  1. pollo says:

    i am afraid of mice

  2. pollo says:

    hate the video no offenseve i just dont like mice

  3. danny says:

    i love mise and rats i can watch the little guy over and over hes so cute

  4. He’s so adorable and oh so tiny!

  5. Environmentalist boy says:

    Oh waw…this thingg so cool!

    Save our environment !

  6. olivia says:

    OMG!!! i want onee! where can i get itt? haha

  7. amanda says:

    where do you get one as a pet???

  8. Kelly says:

    oooooooooooooooh :)

  9. Rxbbx says:

    Thought this Jerboa was cool, but this one rules :)

  10. So cute! But if I have a chance to see it personally I might not touch it it look so delicate I might hurt the precious thing!

  11. Such a cute pet. I’d love to have one.

  12. Coool . .I never thought there would be such pet as small and as cute as this one. Such an adorable pet. Love it

  13. If only I could have one of this pet. Sooooo cute. . .

  14. Could not agree more. These pets are super cute I love to have one.

  15. fine jewelry says:

    Such a cute pet..this would a cute one to add up on my pets list.

  16. Couldnt agree more…this pet’s too cute..i love it !!

  17. whoneedstoknow? says:

    yea i love jerboas theyre really shy though

  18. I can’t belive it. Is it real animal? :)

  19. tghfhhg says:

    It fell off the weighing scale HAHAHAAAAA

  20. ciwa weller says:

    OMFG soooooooo cute
    can u actually get theses as pets?!?!?!?!?
    and if u can i REALLY REALLY RREEEAAALLLLLLYYY WANT ONE+were would u get them ??
    fanks xx

  21. Bcsunny says:

    My parents say weird I say can I have one

  22. carly says:

    OMG IT IS soooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  23. Good pictures. Cute baby animals. I love them.

  24. yea i love jerboas theyre really shy though

  25. dvh3113 says:

    Unfortunately this little guy is very sick, possible even to the point of dying right after this video was posted. Notice how wet his belly is, almost a sure sign of impending death in a rodent But he IS a cute little guy!

  26. anonymouse says:

    but hamsters and gerbils live in deserts too…

  27. sexy girrl says:

    sooooooo cute. i have one and it is just the funniest lil thing. it runs around in a lil hamsterball and squeeks. he chases me and does circles. his name is cheese. :) i love him soo much. you can get them at any local rodent pet store usually.

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