Kitty Jedi Knights

Return of the Jedi Kittens!

Images of kittens with light sabers are surging on the Internet.  For kittens, light saber training is a required course, but these archaic weapons are rarely used in battle by baby animalz.    Their main weapon of choice is either laser vision, or telekinesis.   If you happen to run into kittens with lightsabers, please do not disturb them.    Just pretend you didn’t see anything and walk away.    You can thank me later.

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6 Responses to Kitty Jedi Knights

  1. lyn says:

    it’s very funny. ..
    like this

  2. Zenia Clark says:

    Epic Win, epic win…

  3. Ant West says:

    Superb stuff! :)

  4. that cant be real

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