I hope you don’t see an elephant when you stand on this:

Here we have a very odd product on the market.  This scale does not weigh you in pounds or kilos, but rather by pictures of animals. 

Product Description

Sometimes we have to face the truth. It is however far easy and less painful if we ignore the truth altogether. That’s why these Animal Weighing Scales won’t exactly tell you how much you way, instead they will make a rough comparison.

You no longer have to lose a couple of pounds, it’s now a couple of ducks, lose a rabbit and you’ve done exceptionally well, a horse would be impressive.

Just hop on the scales and you’ll be told your weight by way of a regular animal. Your weight loss program will now be measured in animals and not pounds.

Are you a baby rabbit, duck or bear?

Fun for all the family and friends.

The scales come in white or blue, you will receive either of these colors.

Scale can be found on the following site:


If you see a picture of me on this scale, you may not be has healthy as you think.

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