Hidden Messages in Photos

It is a little know fact that when you take a picture of animals, they submit hidden messages into the photo that only animals can read using their “telepathic picture reading” powers.  Only a few known humans have the ability to read the “thoughts” that were captured in these photos.  These Rare humans use this incredible gift on a blog known as cuteoverload.com (if you haven’t seen it, be sure to check it out)

Case in point:

 Pigsaw Puzzle

(only the bloggers of cuteoverload could have known that the pigs were playing “pigsaw.” )  Even the most gifted Biologists around the world could not figure out what the pigs were actually doing in the photo.   Biologists studying animal behavior “hypothesized” that they were trying to get comfortable… boy were they way off.

Here is another fantastic example:

“I Don’t Like to Move It-Move It! I Don’t Like to…Move-It!”

No  human could know that he was watching penguins trying to hot wire a car from the photo itself without possessing the rare telepathic gift.

Babyanimalz.com Tribute to Cuteoverload.com  (thanks for bringing smiles to people around the world)

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